You don't have to travel far to find some fun in Florida, just head south to Destin. The city is a fishing and beachside vacation spot with attractions like the Sea Screamer and the Big Kahuna water slides, which are sure to keep the whole family busy. So, whether you want to make a splash or test your luck on the sparkling waters.

28 Best Things To Do In Destin, Florida

The following is the rundown of top things to do in Destin Florida.

1. The Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park

If you are a lover of aquariums, then this is the perfect place for you to be in Destin. you are guaranteed to experience lots of marine life to such as dolphins, turtles, sharks, stingrays, crocs, and the sky is the limit from there! This place is perfectly located just outside of Destin on Okaloosa Island. It is an essential part of Destin's Fort Walton Beach area.

You can pay to help and swim with the likes of dolphins and stingrays, it can be so much fun doing just that. There is also a touch tank where you can pet the hermit crabs and hold the starfish. The special dolphin shows at this spot can also be highly fascinating for marine lovers.

The sandbox area is ideal for little children and kids to play. It is recommended to visit the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park during off-seasons, there is usually less crowd during that period and certainly justified regardless of a visit.

28 Best Things To Do In Destin, Florida

2. Dolphin Sunset Cruise

The number of dolphins you would find in Destin Florida is definitely enough to surprise you. They are amazing sea animals that played together in the waves and some swim near the boats. It is always a brilliant sight to look forward to.

For your dolphin sunset cruise, you should always come prepared with enough food and beverages to take care of yourself while on the trip. Special food is however given out to feed the seagulls. This is one of the best things kids could do in Destin Florida. The dolphins here are friendly and amusing to watch.

3. Pontoon Boat Rental Destin Florida

Whenever you find yourself in Destin Florida, renting a nice Pontoon Boat to visit the crab island should be on top of your to-do list. Crab Island is a sandbar in Choctawhatchee narrows with food trucks located on the water.

It is made up of extremely crystal clear shallow water which makes it fun to hang out on your boat. It could be crowded especially during the holidays, so it's advisable you get there early enough to secure the best spots on the Island.

Recommended things to bring to your Boat trip to Crab island

  • Snorkel Gear
  • Paddle Board
  • Floaty
  • Football
  • SunScreen
  • Sunglasses
  • A cooler loaded with food
  • Water
28 Best Things To Do In Destin, Florida

4. Sailboat Sailing Trip

The Destin Florida area is known for its stunning beaches, but it also offers a wide variety of other activities, including fishing, kayaking, and sailing. While you can easily rent a boat for an afternoon, you can also go on a sailing trip with a local charter company as a way to really get to know the area.

With a full-day group charter, you can cruise along Pensacola Bay with other boaters. The Destin Harbor Marina is a great place to sign up for a local sailing trip, as are a few local charter companies located in Destin.

The group at sailing moby are great and guarantee to give you the ride of your life. There is where the kids can have fun and play a lot. If you decide to go Snorkeling which I would highly recommend you do, It could be a lot of fun. ensure you however go with the following

Snorkel Gear (which they additionally give yet it's still alright to go with yours)

  • Sand Toys
  • Seashore Toys
  • Towels
  • Food
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Water
  • Swimming outfits

5. Golf Garden 9 Hole Executive Course

There are various golf courses in Destin Florida and this is one of the best golf spots in the area for grown-ups hoping to spend some time in Destin. It is quite small and extensive.

28 Best Things To Do In Destin, Florida

6. Wild Willy's Adventure Zone 4D Movie Experience

With such countless fun things to do so far in Destin as listed above, This is one that will undoubtedly give you an unforgettable experience in Destin Florida.

You can play, see 4d movies and play laser labels across the board place. It also has a small golf course and a rope course. There are so many fun things to go for at this place and is definitely recommend for all age brackets.

7. Parasailing

This is a fun and exciting way to see the area and explore what the water has to offer. As you can see, the water is so clear that you can still easily see the bottom of the Gulf even though you are 50 feet in the air! It is a very popular and common way to visit the area and the beaches, and many people have a lot of fun You are guaranteed to come across some friendly bottlenose dolphins and stingrays.

It is really an amazing experience up there, although there is a tendency of some getting scared at first. Parasailing in Destin, Florida is a great way to spend the day. It is a popular tour for all ages and can be a great start to a vacation.

Even if you live in Florida, and have been to the beaches 100 times. It is a fun activity to try out and a great way to spend the day.

28 Best Things To Do In Destin, Florida

8. Kayaking

Kayaking is fun and a decent way to finally consume the additional energy you have got while exploring the ocean and its wildlife. You can enjoy the harbor and cove and also paddle to the Island.

9. Uncle Bucks Fishbowl and Grill

This is an underwater encounter from seeing sharks swinging from the roof and the sound of the water which Is ensured to give you such a lot of fun and it's a decent spot for the kids to enjoy. There are eateries where you can eat in case you do not have your food coolers and meals with you.

Why we love this spot is because This is a perfect spot to relax in the evening time after a long day of being burnt out in the sun. The weather at Uncle Bucks can be really amazing you are burnt out on being out in the sun and searching for where to unwind around evening time then uncle bucks are the spot for you.

The climate is extraordinary and the environment set up will keep all age brackets entertained!

28 Best Things To Do In Destin, Florida

10. Marauder Pirate Cruise

The Destin Florida Vacation is a beautiful place to enjoy the attractions of the sea. Take a day trip out to Gulf Shores and Fort Pickens and enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in the Florida Panhandle. If you want to see more of the ocean, book a cruise in the Gulf of Mexico. Many cruise companies offer everything from day cruises to full week-long itineraries, but the Marauder Pirate Cruise is unique.

The ship has an exciting, pirate theme, with a crew of entertainers who are always ready to have fun. The marauder pirate cruise is an extraordinary spot for kids and a family adventure. The kids are engaged with intuitive sword battles, water weapon fights, stories, songs, dance, and expeditions, and the grown-ups can join the fun or simply enjoy the view.

11. Henderson Beach State Park

With more than 6000 feet of wonderful shoreline encompassing the spotless clear emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Henderson's seashore state park gives the alleviating avenue to have a chilled up evening. It has clear sandy seashores with a nature trail of around three-quarter mile, an open-air shower, and a jungle gym.

For those that need to swim, sunbathe and fish the back street offers such access. A few spaces would make an incredible spot for grilling, relaxing, and picnicking.

28 Best Things To Do In Destin, Florida

12. Kids Fishing Trip

Destin has probably offered the best places for kids to fish and catch their trophy fish. It's always a perfect time to teach kids to how to fish and watch them get their catch.

13. Banana Boat Rides

This is a private outing that keeps going as long as an hour for groups of at least 4 and a limit of 6. its an extraordinary trip to relax, have fun, cruise the waters and explore a bit of wildlife, you should however note that the riders need to know how to swim.

28 Best Things To Do In Destin, Florida

14. Destin Harbor Boardwalk

The lovely city of Destin's harbor boardwalk offers inescapable access to the shore and protects its one of a kind quality. It stretches to very nearly a quarter-mile of the Destin harbor. The Broadwalk is enhanced with lovely view and lighting, it additionally has an eatery and rental outfits.

It is fun during October as there are bunches of activities like the yearly Destin Seafood Festival and the yearly Destin Fishing Rodeo. There are public parking lots around the harbor and they are free.

15. The Village of Baytowne Wharf, Destin, Florida

Baytowne Wharf is a pretty special place. Part store-lined street and part waterfront park, it's a great place to stroll and take in the sights. If you're a local, you've probably been here many times already.

If you're a visitor, you should definitely make it one of your first stops. With an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, parks and attractions, Baytowne Wharf is a great place to escape the heat and take a load off. The wharf itself is a fine place to rest your weary feet, and it's just fun to watch the boats and jetskis go by.

It’s an ideal location for visitors to the Emerald Coast, since it’s located right on the water, and it’s close enough to the area’s tourist attractions that you can easily get to and from them. There’s no better way to enjoy a stay in Florida than to make sure you’re close to the water, and Baytowne Wharf offers that and more.

28 Best Things To Do In Destin, Florida

16. Private Gulf of Mexico Sunset Sail

This is a private visit that gives visitors the advantage of appreciating the sea while watching the sunset. It is extraordinary scenery for couples to bond.

17. Supper/Dance Cruise

Destin gives the ideal romantic cruise for couples to have a thrilling night on the water, dancing and having supper on the water.

28 Best Things To Do In Destin, Florida

18. Destin Harbor Sunset Tiki Cruise

Tiki Cruise offers one of the best memorable Sunset cruise experience. get on the Tiki cruise, the sunset is a lovely view from the bar

19. Lease Jet Skies

Jet skiing is one of the ideal adventures for couples that have an adoration for water. It could be shared by couples, but if however, you need to speed, then each individual ought to get one.

28 Best Things To Do In Destin, Florida

Group activities in Destin Florida

20. Remote ocean Fishing Party Boat

Remote ocean fishing on a 65-foot boat is such a lot of fun with a group of as many as 30-35 individuals for 4 hours. Fishing equipment is also included in your fishing trip.

21. Destin Florida History and Fishing Museum

The museum contains a few presentations showing the historical backdrop of the town and the fishing business territory. There are a lot of old photos to be admired by guests for them to get a vibe of what it resembles to swim in the Gulf of Mexico.

There is additionally a variety of fishing rods and reels having a place with Ernest Hemingway and a fishing boat worked in 1952 which is as yet the Oldest till date tour guides are readily available for those who cannot visit all alone.

28 Best Things To Do In Destin, Florida

22. James Lee Park Public Beach

The park has a few structures, outdoor tables, and ridge walkovers and they offer access to guests to swim and fish in the Gulf of Mexico.

It is situated on the seashore close to the line of Okaloosa and Walton regions. There are jungle gyms for kids and seats and umbrellas can be rented for a little expense.

23. Flipper's Adventures, Destin, Florida

There are loads of Adventures that Flipper's adventures give, for example, snorkeling, dolphin touring, and firecracker or sunset cruises. The visits are family-accommodating, and sightseers of all ability levels are welcome, including non-swimmers, novices, and experienced snorkelers.

The boat holds up to 49 individuals all at once, and all team individuals are taught in medical aid and CPR and furthermore all that has to do with boat handling. Reservations are done early and the trips keep going for 2 to 3 hours.

28 Best Things To Do In Destin, Florida

24. Sail Away - Destin Florida Sailing

For those searching for a private outing, sail away gives a thirty-foot long sailboat that can hold up to six individuals. There are loads of activities to be done, for example, dolphin watching, snorkeling, and light tackle salvaging yet the vast majority decided to do free sailing to investigate the water.

The boat is completely stacked with a sound system, restroom offices, and a freshwater shower.

25. Primrose Restaurant, Destin, FL

The view from the café is eminent and the menu depends on new seafood and it offers sound and scrumptious dishes. It is found right across the street from the sandy seashores of the Gulf of Mexico. It is one of the modern at the exquisite Destin's Henderson Resort.

The season and the accessibility of new fixings decide the menu. The showcase from the kitchen permits visitors to have a look into the magic occurring in the background.

28 Best Things To Do In Destin, Florida

26. Snorkeling in Destin

They offer heaps of visits appropriate for all ages and a lot of customized trips for travelers who need to go snorkeling, dolphin-watching, or sunset visits.

The organization likewise offers SNUBA adventures. The most intriguing bit of leeway of this Is that it permits visitors to jump up to 20 feet, stay underwater for up to thirty minutes, and even access regions not open for snorkeling. Gear, free water, and soft drink are also given freely.

27. The Track, Destin, FL

This gives plenty of activities to individuals of various ages which incorporates two 18-opening little golf courses, amusement carts, guard boats, and kid rides.

For those that need to encounter the adventure of skydiving, they can take a turn on the monster Hurricane360 ride or evaluate the SkyFlyer.

28 Best Things To Do In Destin, Florida

28. Versatile Sports

They facilitate private boat visits for a group of six individuals or less. and these are very common tours in Destin FL. On special requests, they also incorporate banana boat rides, dolphin watching, and sunset visits in the activities.

It is open to all visitors but the children must be at least 5 years of age to ride on the banana boat. you can also enroll in a professional photography bundle if needed.