Relaxation is the fuel of the soul. And the most healthy humans are those who take time to rest. There are a thousand and one places to calm one’s nerves and have a lot of fun in Panama City Beach. We have covered some of the best things to do in Panama City Beach Florida.

Why Panama City Beach should be on your bucket list

Panama Beach City is a large expanse of land located in Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico. It habits some of the finest beaches in the United States of America. With more than twenty miles of coastline running farther than the reach of the average eyes, it has multitudes of access points, more than 100 inlets, and a stretch of beach for guests to select from.

Settling on one of the beaches is not a problem as it comes with an endearing musical rendition that offers the perfect vibe. With just over 10,000 people residing in the area, It isn’t short of its bubbly ways, with a ton of sites to see and many images to be accompanied by a good camera.

A visit to Panama City Beach will leave you with an embarrassment of options to choose from, many activities to get down with and lots of images, ethereal, surreal, and sweet, to see, and that’s why a visit there is too on our bucket list.

30 Best Things to Do in Panama City Beach Florida

These are 30 of the best things to do in Panama City Beach Florida.

1. The Panama City Beach

Covering a large area of land, with 27 miles of beautiful white sand beach keeping you closer to the sea and in contact with the lovely sand. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, it has an extension that gives travelers the most delightful experience they may ever want.

Panama City Beach, FL is a popular vacation destination in the southeastern United States. The city borders the Gulf of Mexico to the west and Florida's Emerald Coast to the east. there are a lot of things for visitors to do on the beach.

2. Shell Island Dolphin & Eco Sea-fari Boat Tour

Loved by locals, as it is of historical significance. The island is only accessible by boat and this gives you a pleasant rowing experience.

It has rolling sand dunes, loggerheads, an abundance of sea turtles and shorebird’s nests are some of the appealing sights to enjoy on Shell Island. This will always be in our anybody’s things to do Panama City Beach Florida

30 Best Things to Do in Panama City Beach Florida

3. St Andrew’s State Park

St. Andrew State Park is an amazing place to visit for anyone who loves Florida’s beaches. The park boasts 75 miles of beautiful coastline, which is set aside to protect the endangered Florida scrub jay. Because of its diverse ecosystem, you can also enjoy hiking along the trails, and taking a dip in the swimming holes. The park is open from 8 AM until sundown, and the park is dog friendly.

If you are planning to visit Panama City Beach, it's worth considering visiting St. Andrew's, State Park. Park your car in the day-use parking area and then head to the White Sand Beaches. The sand is gorgeous, with soft yellow sand and clear waters that are warm but not too hot.

Tip: Pack some sandwiches and a few bottles of water and have a picnic on the beach. For $6 you can even rent beach umbrellas and chairs. After a few hours, return to your car and drive it to the camping area.

Tip: If you arrive in the afternoon, you can still camp for the night, but arrive early. The park is very popular, and the parking lot fills up quickly.

4. Rick Seltzer Beach

This is such a Beautiful Beach, Its dunes are pleasant to the eyes and it has a parking lot big enough for as many people as possible. For swimmers, there are marked out swimming areas and lifeguards for protection.

On the blue-green water that just meets the eye with utter pleasantness. There are outdoor showers, restrooms, picnic facilities, a pavilion, and many more to have a good rest and chit-chats.

30 Best Things to Do in Panama City Beach Florida

5. The Museum of Man In The Sea

Founded in 1976 by the Institute of Diving, the Museum of Man was created for Navy Seals and scientists specializing in marine operations. This is one of the popular attractions in the area.

It has gone on to become a beautiful sight for the interconnection between man and the undersea world. Through regular exhibitions and stories of the expedition, fascinating displays of sights and sounds from the marine world, it is an experience to enjoy and it’s one of the best things to do during your trip in Panama City Beach.

There are diving pods, exhibits of submarine and nature underwater, masks and helmets, and many other types of equipment found underwater. It also has an interesting film on diving to be showed by visitors.

6. Paradise Adventure Catamaran

Paradise Adventure Catamaran offers a wide variety of water sports and tours that can be tailored to anyone’s needs. The prices for tours vary depending on the length of the tour, the number of guests, and the popularity of the tour. But regardless of which tour you choose, you are in for an adventure of a lifetime.

Passengers tend to enjoy the beauty of sliding off the back of the boat, have fun on water trampolines, take banana boat rides, kayaking, stand-up paddling of the boats, and cruises at sunset. With the best of Caribbean music, the Catamaran has ample seating and a restroom to answer the call of nature.

30 Best Things to Do in Panama City Beach Florida

7. Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise

Never spend a day in Panama City Beach Florida without having cruise control of the sea dragon pirate. Out on a replica ship, it is fun for kids as they pretend to be pirates- an enjoyable adventure. Face painting and tattoos are also available.

Parents can as well just sit back, enjoy the trip and watch while they have rum punch with beautiful attractions to enjoy the ride. As the ship wades through the waters from St. Andrews Bay and Shell Island, there is a pod of dolphins to make a glowing sight.

8. Coconut Creek Family Fun Park

You may have thought you'd seen all there is to see in Panama City Beach, but in fact, there is plenty more to experience. One exciting place to check out is Coconut Creek Family Fun Park, a beachside amusement center that offers plenty of family-friendly entertainment.

Coconut Creek Family Fun Park has a variety of attractions for individuals of all ages, including a pirate-themed mini-golf course, an arcade, and a children's play area. The park also has its own restaurant, so you can grab a bite to eat as you enjoy the fun.

The maze, almost the size of a football field gives both children and adults a brain-tasking experience of orienteering skills, with snacks and drinks available as the games go on.

30 Best Things to Do in Panama City Beach Florida

9. Gulf World Marine Park

Located about 15 minutes from downtown Panama City Beach, the Gulf World Marine Park is one of the most visited destinations in the area. In addition to housing a museum with a variety of sea creatures, the park is home to a huge collection of marine life, including river otters, bottlenose dolphins, and a variety of fish.

However, the highlight of the park and the main reason most people visit is the famous sea lion show. The Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City Beach, Florida, is a perfect example of a family-friendly theme park that you take your kids and enjoy a pleasurable day.

Here, you can watch a dolphin show and learn about the animals that live in the gulf. You can also swim with the dolphins or take a boat ride to see the animals.

10. Panama City Parasail

What's a Panama City beach experience without a Panama City Parasailing Trip? The company is owned by a family is operated by a Captain who is certified by the US Coast Guard.

With experience spanning over three decades, the operator has seen so many leading parasailing ventures, so the visitor is in the best hands. Banana boat rides, jet ski, dolphin tours, and many more make the parasail an experience never to be forgotten- evergreen.

30 Best Things to Do in Panama City Beach Florida

11. Panama City Beach Florida Panhandle Helicopter Tours

You’re back from your first day in Panama City Beach Florida and you’re already missing the water... or you just can’t wait to get back to your favorite vacation spot. Either way, you’re itching to see what new surprises the Gulf Coast has in store for you next.

We’ve got the perfect solution for you: take a helicopter tour to see the most beautiful beaches in Panama City Beach from a bird’s-eye view. Not only will you see what’s fun to do next, but you’ll also be able to see what’s happening down below without worrying about traffic or where to park.

This tour provides interesting experiences for photography, frost protection, and aerial security It is also used for photography, frost protection, and aerial security.

12. Panama City Beach Winery

Panama City Beach Winery is owned by a family and is operated as a retail outlet, selling wines locally produced in Florida. The wines, of varying fruit flavors, have won local and international awards. They are made from citrus, berries and can be tasted before the acquisition. During the operating hours, the wines can be sampled for quality and satisfaction and they offer more than ten varieties.

Some of these varieties are blueberry, coconut, tomato, and blackberry. You should definitely be visiting to get a taste of Panama city beach Florida in its wines.

30 Best Things to Do in Panama City Beach Florida

13. Schooner’s Panama City Beach

Schooner’s is located along the historic East End right of the city. It is along an adorable coastline and is open, seven days a week for every meal- dinner, lunch, brunch, or breakfast.

Live music performances by bands, volleyball, excellently-delivered and delicious dinner are some of the good choices to make. Seafood platter, oyster, red fishes make up some of the dinner choices as it offers health and a wealth of experiences.

For brunch, the choices are also enormous with sandwiches, homestyle biscuits, imported beers, and specially made cocktails all being served.

14. Martin Theatre

A Performing Arts Theatre in existence since 1936, the Martin Theatre offers an awesome experience to visitors as they see live performances.

Live stage plays, musical performances, and live bands make it an awe-inspiring experience. It also has a meeting space known as the Green Room and shows old classics and cult movies on a day tagged ”Monster Movie Monday”.

30 Best Things to Do in Panama City Beach Florida

15. Screamer

High-speed boats are such a resplendent experience for kids and adults alike. The captain of the boat has a geographical map of the area in his head and tells the history and significance of every area to kids as they go from one end to the other.

Kids are able to touch crabs through their adventure and have gunfights when they are aboard. The experience is magnificent.

16. Pier Park

Pier Park is an entertainment complex that's popular with both tourists and locals alike. Its central location on Panama City Beach makes it easy to reach from anywhere in town, and it's a great place to spend an afternoon or evening at the beach.

It's built around a pier that juts out into the Gulf of Mexico, and its multiple bars, restaurants, and shops are all open-air. Pier Park's highlights include a carousel and Ferris wheel, some of the best sunset views in the area, and its own beach just a short walk from the pier.

At night, the Pier Park Amphitheatre hosts a variety of live entertainment, from concerts to comedy shows and even the occasional play. There's something for everyone in this fun-filled destination, and it's an absolute must if you're planning a trip to Panama City Beach.

30 Best Things to Do in Panama City Beach Florida

17. Shipwreck Island Water Park

Half a million gallons of water that are continuously moving is a rare sight. With wave pools and a lazy river course, that is almost half a mile long, there is a multitude of things to be done on a visit to these parks. It is a rare experience.

18. Camp Helen State Park

This Panama City Beach Park is a 185-acre parcel of land, it has an extension that gives a visitor an awesome experience.

It offers some of the finest beaches and dunes to see anywhere in the world. It is bordered by Lake Powell which is one of the scarce lakes dunes in the region.

30 Best Things to Do in Panama City Beach Florida

19. Ripley’s Believe it or Not

The incredible world of Robert Ripley lives in Panama City Beach and Believe it or not, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, is one of the rare destinations for visitors who want an out of sun time.

Ripley is one of the places to be in Panama City Beach's, it is a museum of odd sights like standing replica of the tallest man in the world. Ripley also has a number of experiences to enjoy like the laser obstacle course and a mirror maze course. For your trip to Ripley, do it early in the week as it gets filled on weekends.

20. Zoo world Panama City

A zoological and botanical conservatory, the zoo world covers about five acres of land and has more than one hundred animals.

It has the presence of endangered species and other animals you can have a very good time with. Skills like hatchet-throwing can also be learned in the zoo, as visitors have a swell time.

30 Best Things to Do in Panama City Beach Florida

21. Conservation Park

It has an extension of more than 2900 acres of land. The park is long, wide, and rich. It has more than 24 miles of trails and boardwalks to be engaged with a pair of binoculars to see birds fly will be great justice and a camera to capture the finest moment will be excellent company.

22. Escape Manor

If you're a puzzle freak, you have your place in Escape Manor. You have a chance at team-building with family and friends as you play puzzles. You'll also get to solve the mystery of the locked away bride in one of the finest puzzles you'll ever come across.

30 Best Things to Do in Panama City Beach Florida

23. Goofy Golf

Situated at the center of the Miracle Strip, Goofy Golf has two 18-hole-mini-golf courses on it. Play around with some animals as you swing your sticks, with monkeys, dinosaurs, and mushrooms looking at your adventures

If you're a golf freak, you have the chance to play as much as you want as it offers it for you at an affordable rate.

24. Water Planet

Panama City Beach has an abundance of Dolphins and Water Planet offers just as great if that's what you love. You get to swim with dolphins, which are some of the most friendly creatures you'll ever see. For kids, in particular, they'll tell good stories of how near they were with those wonderful fishes.

30 Best Things to Do in Panama City Beach Florida

25. Panama City Beach Pontoon Rental

Other than enjoying the sight of the dunes and the cruises of the boats, renting a pontoon on Panama City Beach is an underrated appeal.

You go fishing for mackerel with your friends, immersed into the beautiful blue waters in your presence. If you're one to groove, stay in the middle of the waters with the pontoon and relax as best as you can.

26. SkyWheel Panama City Beach

This is not just a 53-meter observation deck, it gives you a rare view of the Panama City beach. It has some of the finest sights for the viewing of the beaches and tops it with a mini-golf course, Skytrain rope courses, a snack shark and so many more.

30 Best Things to Do in Panama City Beach Florida

27. Todd Herendeen Theatre

While you have dinner, you can enjoy that awesome time with music and movies at the theatre. It is a good place for a fun and casual date, and it may be the best place to tell your friend how much you care.

28. Gator Country Alligator Park

Panama City Beach Florida is all-encompassing. And the Gator Country Alligator Park gives one of those immense sights.

One of the things to see on Panama City Beach is the alligator and you can see them in swamps or while riding boats. You can also find herons, ospreys, and American bald eagles.

30 Best Things to Do in Panama City Beach Florida

29. Panama City E-Bike Adventure Tour

How about an electric bike adventure? It's one to have. You have a tour guide showing you around as you visit the historic spots in the area.

You'll learn more about the local culture around the beaches and the tour guide will take you through places you'll hardly see if you take the tour alone.

30. Wonderworks Panama City Beach

A work of wonder, Wonderworks lives up to its name. It offers families an opportunity to get their hands-on experiments with 35,000 feet of a pleasantly strange experience.

With education and entertainment offered in one swoop, it is a place to be for visitors on a Panama City Beach. It offers Glow-in-the-dark Rope Course, or Space Fury 360.

30 Best Things to Do in Panama City Beach Florida