The name represents itself just as it sounds. Distinctive shell reptiles are found there like Sand dollars, moon snails, conch shells, pin shells, periwinkles, whelk and olive shells, and a lot more native seashells.

Shell Island in Panama City Beach Florida is an unstructured land situated between the Gulf of Mexico and St. Andrews Bay.

In the event that you are hoping to have the best experience with Mother Nature Shell Island is the best spot for you. The wonderful sea and the immaculate white sand make Shell Island fascinating and probably the best spot for a fun trip.

It is home to a wide range of natural life such as deers, shorebirds, and ghost crabs to a large group of waterfront animals.

Shell Island Panama City Beach

What is Shell Island in Panama City Beach?

It is a comprehensive island where you discover untamed life, sea creatures, and sparkling water. It offers a thrilling action for you and your family.

There are scopes of activities to experience such as dolphin sightseeing, marine untamed life, and seashell turtles, Shell Island will leave you with an unforgettable experience.

Ensure you go along with your snacks and drinks, and more importantly be with your camera to catch every moment on the island.


Shell Island is an obstruction island, 7 miles situated at the eastern finish of St. Andrews State Park. Which isolates the recreation center from the Gulf of Mexico.

It's perhaps the most famous and go-to place on Panama city beach Florida. It offers a vital adventure to beach lovers and it is not just by swimming through the tranquil inshore waters, additionally, you can go hiking through the inside of the island.

This permits you to explore the uncommon coastal plants, flying creatures, and wildlife networks. There are also lots of tropical fish, friendly dolphins, and sea turtles in the waters and around the Island.

You should however note that Shell Island must be gotten to by boat and shuttles that can be rented from St. Andrews State Park. It has been the main means of transport for quite a long time.

Shell Island Panama City Beach


The ride to the island is fun and you can appreciate the view from the boat. Guests are dropped off in the quiet inlet behind Shell Island Jetty, which is an extraordinary spot for kids to play and it's not far from the Gulf of Mexico shores.


The fun doesn't simply begin when you get to the island, it begins right from the moment you are on your shuttle. Getting to the island is all part of the adventure during your trip to Shell Island. You can get to the island by your boat or by renting.

However, the least demanding approach to get to your destination is from the shuttle at St. Andrew state park. Passengers can go in a group of 10 to enjoy the ride even better. Signing up for customized tour packages exposes you to enjoy more adventurous activities such as swimming or kayaking around the island.

All the gear for the adventure will be given on the tour. You can likewise fish from the boat just cast a line into the sea.

Shell Island Panama City Beach


  • How long would I be allowed to stay on Shell Island?
  • Shell Island is a pristine, private island located within the shell reef of St. Andrew Bay. Accessible only by boat, it offers a serene setting to enjoy a variety of activities.

    Guests who take advantage of this unique opportunity are generally allowed to stay for a maximum of 24 hours. But it's advisable you try to leave with the last shuttle leaving the Island toward the day's end.

  • Are there bathrooms on Shell Island?
  • If you plan to visit the beaches of the Florida Panhandle, you might be wondering about Shell Island. This is a property right off of the coast of Panama City Beach.

    It is not an island in the sense that you can only access it by boat, but it is an island in the sense that it is a small area with specific land boundaries.

    A common question among vacationers is whether there are bathrooms on Shell Island. The answer to this question is yes! There are portable bathrooms on Shell Island. There are also bathrooms in the parking lots that you drive to to get to the island.

    The Shell Island bathroom facilities are a mix of traditional WCs (commonly called "port-a-potties") and on-site private facilities. This mix of bathroom options is needed because of the island's large population of residents and tourists, and to ensure that even the most finicky bather can find a bathroom he or she likes.

  • Are pets permitted on the Shuttle?
  • When you're planning your vacation to Shell Island, one of the first things you have to ask yourself is whether you're going to bring your pets with you. Most of the time, you cannot bring your pets to Shell Island without a permit (although there are a few exceptions).

    The good news is that since Shell Island is an area that's dedicated to protecting natural wildlife, you can rest assured knowing you and your pet are not endangering the animals that live there.

    Pet Policy: You can bring any pet, but you’ll need to make a reservation for your pet and pay a small fee.

    The fee covers the cost of the pet license, which is required by the State of Florida, and the cleaning fee, which is necessary to maintain the sanitation of the island.

    The pet reservation fee is $25.00 per pet, per day. The pet must be at least 6 months old. The pet must be on a leash at all times while on the shuttle.

  • Would I be able to swim with dolphins?
  • Do you want to swim with dolphins? Yes, we know what you're thinking, but no, you won't have to wear a wetsuit. You won't even have to swim in the ocean.

    Shell Island is a man-made island, just off the coast of Panama City Beach, Florida. It is here where humans and dolphins swim together in a lagoon-style pool.

    You'll be able to see the dolphins in their element and observe their natural behaviors.