There are beautiful things to do on Miramar beach but before we get into details, let's answer some pertinent questions visitors ask.

These questions are;

  1. Is Miramar Beach as nice as Destin?
  2. Miramar Beach is near Destin. It is rated as the most beautiful beach in the United States. Any of the Miramar beaches are at a trekkable distance to Pompano Joe’s, Crab Trap, Surf Hut, etc. Miramar Beach is as nice, if not nicer than Destin. It is clean, hardly dirty, has white sands and clear waters.

  3. Is Miramar Beach Family-friendly?
  4. Miramar Beach has clear waters, and fine sands and has lots of activities for kids and adults alike. It has fun things that will keep a family engaged for as long as they stay there and has surreal sights and ethereal places to visit. Not many more beaches are more family-friendly than Miramar.

  5. Is Miramar Beach Good?
  6. Miramar beach is awesome! It is one of the best vacation sites in the world and has far many activities for enjoyment. It has pure scenery and precious waters to accompany, with families enjoying the fun things that have been outlined.

    The weather in Florida is very good so Miramar beach is just great. With amazing beaches and nice weather conditions, it is a good place to be at.

  7. Does Miramar Beach have clear water?
  8. Miramar has very clean and clear waters, that meets the sky at a pleasant angle. It is beautiful to see for visitors who take a swim and go on paddle boarding and other activities on the clear waters.

  9. Is Miramar Beach Florida safe?
  10. Miramar Beach FL is a safe place to be. It is extremely safe walking on the beach during the day or at night. The criminal activities going on there is fair in comparison with most parts of the beach.

    Their livability is high on Miramar beach and the crime rate is very low in the area so it's a safe place.

15 Things To Do On Miramar Beach

Top 15 Things To Do On Miramar Beach

1. Buccaneer Pirate Cruise

What's a Miramar Beach visit without a Buccaneer Pirate Cruise? If you want to have a good cruise, choose a day or night cruise. It's fun scenery as the sun sets on the waters.

It's also a good place to have interactions and make new friends as you sing, dance, and clap, engage in storytelling.

The ship takes up to 149 passengers so kids enjoy themselves. There are sword fights, water gun fights, and other activities.

15 Things To Do On Miramar Beach

2. Paddling

Another exquisitely fun thing to do on Miramar beach. Rent a boat with your friends and family and go paddling. The water in autumn are calmer and this is a good place for learners.

Your kayaks and paddleboards should be brought along and they can be stored in your vacation’s rental garage. You can paddle along Choctawhatchee Bay’s coastline for calm waters and beautiful scenery.

15 Things To Do On Miramar Beach

3. Sand Castle Lessons

SandCastle building is a top activity on Miramar beach. Absolutely enjoyed by visitors, it helps to build team unity and togetherness. You get to learn from experts who build beach sand sculptures.

They come to the beach and spend two hours teaching your family how to build castles from sands. You can learn to build a 3.5-foot tall sandcastle and the tricks to make a perfect piece.

15 Things To Do On Miramar Beach

4. Big Kahuna’s Water and Adventure Park

Kids enjoy water slides on the Big Kahuna’s Water Park and Adventure Park. They also have fun on water rides with the park offering more than 40 attractions.

Monkey River gives a wild feeling to an adventurous ride as the cobra twister just gives the right fun for the moment. The less adventurous family members can engage in the cobra twisters.

15 Things To Do On Miramar Beach

5. Biking

Biking on Miramar beach can be fun and it has beautiful year-round weather.

Coastal cruisers rent bicycles and small scooters by the day and when you are tired of biking, you have restaurants and cafes to have a snack in.

When you hit the town, you can park the bikes and enjoy the adornments the shops have to offer.

15 Things To Do On Miramar Beach

6. Charter-A Boat

A variety of companies offer boat charter services on Miramar beach. On a boat charter, you enjoy an afternoon of deep-sea exploration. You can spend the afternoon fishing or watching dolphins.

Pack a picnic box before leaving the vacation rental and if you’re there during the winter months, you’ll see manatees live, while your kids also get to dolphins surfing.

15 Things To Do On Miramar Beach

7. Cubby Caboose Mini Express Train

HarborWalk Village has a downtown hotspot with abundant shopping and dining. You may get on a little retail therapy as you take your children on a Cubby Caboose Mini Express Train. Your kids will enjoy waving at the shoppers they pass by on the train and it is a happy thing to do for them.

15 Things To Do On Miramar Beach

8. Destin Helicopter Tours

Helicopter tours in Destin are a sure way to have fun around Miramar beach. It gives you a view of the Gulf’s Emerald Coast from a good point.

A short drive from the beach, the company gives a flight tour between 10 to 45 minutes depending on the distance. The 45-minute flight gives the best view of the Emerald Coast and all its beautiful waters.

15 Things To Do On Miramar Beach

9. Destin Snorkel

Destin Snorkel keeps you informed about the underwater world of the region. Experts in snorkeling take your family to a remote location where you have access to clear waters.

You can have a half-day tour or spend a day away from the vacation rental. The Snorkel also offers sunset cruises and dolphin tours as part of family activities.

15 Things To Do On Miramar Beach

10. Destination Segway Tours

Get on a short drive to the Destin neighborhood and enjoy an afternoon with the Destination Segway Tours. You can get on one of the cool stand-up scooters and you may also get to navigate the area as a tour guide leads.

After being taught how to operate the Segway, the original site of Destin is seen and zoom through the Harbor Walk area is allowed.

15 Things To Do On Miramar Beach

11. Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park

Snorkeling at stingrays and small sharks Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park is one of the best activities to enjoy on a visit to Miramar Beach, FL.

The park allows children to feed the penguins and it comes with different types of sea critters. Families get to enjoy sea lions jump through hoops and watching dolphin also gets interesting.

15 Things To Do On Miramar Beach

12. Go Shopping At Silver Sands Premium Outlets

Shopping at Silver Sands Premium outlets is an enjoyable activity for the family as kids get to have a good time. There are varieties of stores in the outlet to make the family vacation worthwhile. These outlets are located in Miramar Beach along the Gulf Coast of Northwest Florida. It has 110 designer outlet centers and name-brand outlet stores to make a family happy. Shopping in these outlet stores is the perfect family activity.

15 Things To Do On Miramar Beach

13. Experience the Artificial Snorkel Reef

The artificial snorkel reef is a good thing to enjoy and the Snorkel 30A makes it easier to enjoy South Walton’s new artificial snorkel reef network. Get your swimsuit, beach towel, provide equipment to get to the reef site, and have fun snorkeling.

You also have friendly and knowledgeable guides to help you through and you can drive down and find a colorful and beautiful reef fish called baitfish. You also get to see bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles, and eagle rays in the vicinity of the reefs.

15 Things To Do On Miramar Beach

14. Paddleboard or Kayak Rentals

Paddle boarding or the rentals of kayaks is another activity that kids and families enjoy when on vacations. Miramar Beach vacation rentals gives a variety of options and places for fun with the waters good and clear enough for Paddle boarding and kayaking.

The water is also gentle for beginners and Paddle boarding doesn’t come with difficulties.

15 Things To Do On Miramar Beach

15. Go To The Beach

Why would you go to Miramar without going to Miramar Beach?

It has a host of beautiful beaches with white sands. It has beaches that give the perfect nostalgic beach vibes and a beach resort that’s second to none.

On the South Walton, there are scenic beach roads where you can stay and have some good time just strolling on the beach.

Fort Walton Beach is a good example of the fun found on Miramar beaches and it has good restaurants where a snack can be taken. The beach also has condos where visitors get to sleep and the staff are just so good. Miramar beaches have action-packed, thrill-seeking experience.

15 Things To Do On Miramar Beach